Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Robotech - Rand - Action Figure - Matchbox - 1985

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Only $14.95

he Third Robotech War (The New Generation) occurs after the alien Invid have been alerted to the existence of Protoculture on Earth by events that transpired at the end of the Second Robotech War, the flower of life. The planet is conquered, then enslaved, and it is up to the Robotech Expeditionary Force, led by Admiral Rick Hunter (and the Earth rebels) to retake their home planet that they never knew much of.

A Chilean young and impressionable freedom fighter, Rand is a self-taught survivor. He has managed to live off the land on his own and still avoid capture and slavery by the Invid. When he joins Scott Bernard, Rand begins a voyage of self-discovery. He becomes young Annie's protector. An orphan of the invasion himself, he understands Annie's situation from firsthand experience. Under Scott Bernard's guidance, Rand becomes an excellent combat soldier. When he falls in love with Rook Bartley, his commitment to her is total. His outgoing and affectionate nature is a perfect foil to Rook's independent nature.

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