Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moguera - Sci-Fi Revoltech #013 - Action Figure

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Moguera (モゲラ, Mogera?) is a Kaiju (Japanese giant monster) featured in two of Toho's science fiction films. The name is derived from mogura (土竜(もぐら?) the Japanese word for mole.

In The Mysterians, Moguera is a robot used by the Mysterians to assist in destroying humanity to make them bend to their will and supply them with a sufficient amount of land and women. It attacked a small village with its eye beams, and proved immune to machinegun fire, flamethrowers, and mortar rounds. It was destroyed when the bridge it was standing on collapsed due to the military dynamiting it.

A second Moguera appeared as Markalite beam cannons assaulted the Mysterians' base. This Moguera tried to destroy one of the Markalites by burrowing underneath it, but the weapon fell on top of it, crushing and destroying the short-lived second Moguera.

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