Saturday, March 31, 2012

Micronauts #1 Comic Book (January 1979)(Marvel Comics)

Price: $2.19

The Micronauts comic books feature a group of characters based on the Micronauts toyline. Their first comic appearance was in Micronauts #1 (Marvel, Jan. 1979) with characterizations created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden.

The Micronauts began life as comic book characters thanks to a fortuitous accident on Christmas 1977. Marvel Comics writer Bill Mantlo's son Adam opened a new present, a line of the Mego Corporation's Micronauts action figures. Seeing the toys, Bill Mantlo was instantly struck by inspiration to write their adventures. Convincing then editor-in-chief Jim Shooter to get the comics license for these toys, Mantlo was hired to script their series.

The first series of the Micronauts ran from January 1979 to August 1984 and included 59 issues and two Annuals. The series was written by Bill Mantlo and featured art by Michael Golden, Howard Chaykin, Pat Broderick, Gil Kane, Butch Guice and others. As of #38, the series was no longer available from newsstands and was sold via direct distribution only.

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