Friday, June 24, 2011

Robotech - Rook Bartley - Matchbox Vintage 1985 Action Figure


One of the original figures from the Robotech toy line produced by Matchbox in 1985. Now a very rare item this Rook Bartley comes in it's original packaging.

As a young teenager, Rook was a member of the Blue Angels biker gang along with her boyfriend, Romy, and other juveniles. When Romy decided to break up the Blue Angels because of pressure from a rival gang, the Red Snakes, Rook tried to take on the Snakes alone and was beaten and left for dead. Because of this, Rook ran away from home, leaving her mother and sister behind. She later joined a band of freedom fighters led by Mars Division Lieutenant Scott Bernard.

Rook is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant (as seen in the episode "Lonely Soldier Boy") taking on several thugs at one time.

She is also an expert Cyclone Rider using VR-038 Bartley ("'38 Lite") cyclone. In the middle of the series Rook acquires a Red VFA-6Z Alpha Fighter & rides a VR-052 Battler Cyclone.
Over the course of the series she begins to develop feelings for Rand, but initially denies it. Toward the end of the series she admits her feelings to herself, and to Rand, and the two become a couple. In the now de-canonized Robotech book "End of the Circle", it is revealed that Rook and Rand marry and have a daughter.

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