Saturday, October 2, 2010

Star Wars - Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder - Vehicle - Playset

Order Your Snowspeeder Here!
Only $29.99

Star Wars Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder Vehicle:

Seats 2 Rebel pilots ready to take down an AT-AT!
Defend Hoth with this slick vehicle!
The first all-new Snowtrooper vehicle design in years!

Straight from the Rebel Base on Hoth, this awesome 3 3/4-inch scale Snowspeeder is ready to tackle the snowy wastes! Specially adapted to the cold, this two-seat vehicle is ready to go up against pretty much anything-- even the complete might of the Empire! It features an opening canopy and a firing tow cable for bringing down the enemy.

Size: 3 1/4-inch scale

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