Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cinema Insomnia - DVD - Bigfoot: Mysterious Monster - Apprehensive Films

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Product Details

* Actors: Peter Graves, Mr. Lobo
* Directors: Robert Guenette;Mr. Lobo
* Format: Full Screen, NTSC
* Region: All Regions
* Number of discs: 1
* Studio: Apprehensive Films

So, how is it that a horror host would opt to feature a Bigfoot documentary, instead of a classic, below average, horror movie for his late-night movie program?

Mr. Lobo explains, "I remember "Bigfoot: Mysterious Monster" scaring me as a kid and it sat on the shows pile of 'To Do' 16mm film prints. When Ken Waller, our director, would say...'why don't we do Bigfoot', I would shake his head and say 'No, that's too serious', let's do a few others first.

"After we did another very popular episode, 'In Search Of...Ancient Astronauts', I was surprised how well the documentary worked on the show and came back to 'Bigfoot'. I put it on...and laughed myself silly. It played like 'Waiting for Guffman' or 'This is Spinal Tap'. I was inspired and wrote pages of documentary style humor with another writer named Chris Grill. We shot it in many many locations and pulled in a ton of local celebrities and actors to be in the show. It stands as one of my very favorite and most fun episodes."

Indeed, the episode is a lot of fun to watch. Lobo's take on the classic documentary is a very 'tasteful' spoof of Bigfoot and the people who have devoted their lives to searching for

Mr Lobo adds, "It is a favorite episode among hardcore Cinema Insomnia fans and 'Cryptozoology/Unknown/Conspiracy' buffs. In it Mr. Lobo wraps around the 1975 documentary hosted by the late Peter Graves with some parody documentary footage of interviews with Bigfoot's prom date, Bigfoot's 5th grade teacher, Bigfoot's college roommate, Bigfoot's hair stylist, etc."

This is not the first time that episode has been released on DVD, but Mr. Lobo and his distributor, Apprehensive Films, thought that the release needed a face-lift.

"Our New distributor Apprehensive Films, who is putting out the current syndicated series in a set called the SLIME LINE, cut a new DVD version for the release...sweetening audio and video and putting them in store ready, shrink wrapped, bar coded, quality packaged, covers with a film and show synopsis on the back and "Slime Points" inside to mail in for free goodies."

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