Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cinema Insomnia: Nonstop Movie Party Zombies - DVD - Apprehensive Films

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Have you ever wanted to see the best scenes from Hollywood's ever growing list of zombie films over and over again in a continuous loop? Well, the movie gods have smiled upon you, because Mr. Lobo of the nationally syndicated late-night horror phenomena, "Cinema Insomnia", has added his talents to "Nonstop Movie Party Zombies", a DVD collection of the best undead flicks ever assembled.

Indeed, this special DVD collection features a special 'loop' feature that let's you view the really good parts, over and over and over.....and somebody stop me! Okay, I got looped up there for a second.

Now I have to warn all of you out there, this DVD is a particularly nasty one. According to Mr. Lobo, the DVD broke loose last night and......well.....went on a kinda bender.

Here is a blow-by-blow account of the carnage as Mr. Lobo posted it on Facebook last night:

9:00 pm - My new DVD just ate the last bit of sour cream in your fridge? What are you gonna do about it?
9:04 pm - My new DVD is putting it's feet up on your chair! What now?
9:05 pm - My new DVD left a wet towel on the floor in your bathroom. I suggest you don't smell it!
9:08 pm - My new DVD logged into your facebook account and is deleting all your friends who "seem like douches"...

Well, "Nonstop Movie Party Zombies" sounds like one horrible house guest......kinda like when my wife's family is over on holidays. - Ken Hulsey - Monster Island News

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