Friday, October 8, 2010

Babylon 5 - Action Figure - Vorlon Visitor with Vorton Cruiser

A Vorlon is a member of a fictional alien species in the Babylon 5 television series and fictional universe. The Vorlon species is a member of the First Ones, a group made up of the earliest species to gain sentience in the galaxy. When in the presence of other species, Vorlons wear encounter suits.

While almost all the other species of First Ones left the galaxy, the Vorlons stayed behind to act as guardians for younger species. Vorlons shepherded these worlds and the inhabitants were enthralled by their appearance; some worshipped them as gods.[6]

The Shadows took on the same mantle with an opposed philosophy. In this conflict, the Vorlons represent Order. They act as architects, building alliances, encouraging the rule of law and inspiring cooperation. In practice, Vorlons enforce adherence to their rules. Their philosophy is embodied by the question "Who are you?" Sometimes called "The Vorlon Question", it encourages introspection, patience and places identity over goals.

The Vorlons shown on the series tend to be enigmatic, usually speaking only brief, cryptic phrases to beings from the younger species. They also appear to take pride in their enigmatic nature.

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