Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anguirus - Revoltech SciFi Super Poseable Action Figure


Anguirus is a fourlegged giant or irradiated dinosaur that looks vaguely similar to an Ankylosaurus. He has several horns at the top of his head and a single horn above his nose. His face is long and drawn out and has rows of jagged, serrated teeth, like a crocodile. His carapace is studded with long, sharp spikes. Anguirus tail is covered with spikes and makes up most of his body length. His hind limbs are longer than his forelimbs, and he can stand up on them to his full height, though he generally walks upon all fours. Anguirus has a particularly strange brain, for he has not one but five, one in his head which controls all of his organs, and one more above each one of his limbs, each brain most likely controls the limb they are above. This gives anguirus an advantage in battle, for he can react much quicker than most Kaiju.

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