Monday, October 11, 2010

Creature From The Black Lagoon - Action Figure - Limited Edition - 22" Tall


Product Features

Collectors Urban Vinyl Figure, 22in TALL!
Limited to only 500 pcs worldwide!
Show the Creature some love!
First in a series!

Product Description

The 22.5" Creature from the Black Lagoon Super Size Creepy Collectors features poseable arms, and is accompanied by resealable packaging with a 4-color window box with a fifth panel. Colored in varying shades of green, the Creatures dense hide is sheathed in scalloping layers of granular scales; webbed hands and feet are studded with thickly curved talons.

The Creature reacts defensively when its territory is trespassed by an Amazonian expedition. The last of its kind, a member of a race of amphibian humanoids, the Creature is indigenous to the murky ill-portended tributary called the Black Lagoon. Conventional efforts to damage the Creature are met with difficulty; the Creature, meanwhile, slaughters the expedition team members with relative ease. The Creatures central exploitable weakness seems to lie within its enamorment in regards to the delicately beautiful Kay Lawrence; the smitten Gill-man abducts Kay and takes her into the water, transporting her to the cavernous lair where the Creature is ultimately overwhelmed by a concentrated attack.

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