Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Universal Monsters Select - The Mummy - Action Figure

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Universal Monsters Select The Mummy Action Figure

Imhotep at your service!
Detailed figure!
Classic Universal Monster!

Dig deep into the sands of antiquity and you too will discover Imhotep himself, The Mummy! Sculpted by legendary monster sculptor, Jean St Jean, with the added artistry of Select regular Rudy Garcia (who, like a craftsman of old sculpted the Mummy's detailed sarcophagus accessory), this is a dusty terror from a bygone era! The fans have already spoken, hailing this line as the most detailed and accurate depiction of the classic Universal Monsters ever, and this 7-inch tall depiction of the infamous Mummy is proof-positive dedication to bringing these iconic monsters to collectors. The Select version includes an exclusive paint scheme as well as the detailed accessory.

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