Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please Teacher! Mizuho Kazami on Desk Statue

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Please Teacher! Mizuho Kazami on Desk Statue

Mizuho, promoting a higher class of learning!
Teachers in fishnets, oh my!
This teacher emphasizes details!

From the school love comedy Please Teacher! comes a PVC figure of the stylish and beautiful teacher Mizuho Kazami. She's quite the delight to lay your eyes on with her sexy long legs placed in stockings made from real lace - not to mention the entrancing view from her unbuttoned blouse. She smiles with an innocent smile which is contrasted by her sexy pose... which can become even sexier when you remove the clothes and take a look at what's underneath.... A desk, chair as well as a rod for pointing out the important points in her lessons are all included. Statue stands approximately 15 3/4-inches tall as Mizuho calmly sits on her desk.

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